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Celina EDC


The City of Celina was named the 8th fastest growing city in the Dallas Metroplex by the US Census and North Texas Council of Governments Research and Information Services.  Experiencing a 16.90% residential growth between 2005 – 2006,  Celina’s population reached 5,114 on January 1, 2007 and 5,800 January, 2008. According to the US Census, Celina’s population has grown 123% over 2000 figures.

In May, 2006, the CEDC worked with the Buxton Group on a Small City ID project. The outcome was a comprehensive view of Celina and the 15 minute drive time (Trade Area) surrounding the community.  The estimated population of Celina’s Trade Area was 48,482, based on 2005 estimates. Today, the population is well over 69,000.